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Commando was dreamed up between two sisters on the infamous white isle back in 2002. This is only the beginning. I'll keep you posted, literally...

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"Let me take you to a place I know you want to go it's a good life"

Well hiya Friday, you sexy little bastard you!

In celebration of a sunny and silly weekend ahead; here’s an absolute belter we’re pretty obsessed with right now in the form of Vic Mensa’s Down On My Luck - keep an eye out for this boy, he’s pretty damn good.

If this tune doesn’t make you want to strip down to your bikini/trunks and go buckdaft with a cocktail/beer in each hand, well then somethings certainly gone amiss!





It’s pretty hawt outside already, so clapping our eyes on the official Fifty Shades of Grey trailer certainly has us reaching for another Pear Picking Porky alright.

Check out local talent Jamie Dornan in action right here - we recommend you fast forward to 1 min 29, we’re good (read creepy) like that.

You really are welcome…




One is Indeed One

Happy 1st Birthday to the gorgeous Prince George - look at his wee face!

Kate and Wills if you ever need two top babysisters just you give Twocrooked a call…. (We’ll look after Prince Harry too if he’s up for it like)

Go on ahead Rory, you absolute legend!

A massive congratulations to local hero Rory McIlroy reigning victorious in the Open Championship at the weekend - absolutely not one bit of bother to you big son!

See you at El D the next time your home for a celebratory bucket of prosecco and some jagers aye?! 





We are sooo fond of matchy matchy printed set combos.  FACT.  And no one and we mean no one does this better than the incredible Bill and Mar.

Our love for this fab label started two years ago and continues to rapidly soar.  Beautifully designed two pieces and custom made one off prints really distinguish Bill and Mar from any other labels right now.

So rejoice and fist pump skywards with us as their latest collection is now 50% off in the sale. YAY!

Go check it out - though could you wait until we’ve bought absolutely everything in our size first please?

Summer wardrobe officially smashed!



We always loved Neville Longbottom TBF…

Matthew Lewis though - what a SORT(ing hat)

OK OK, we’ll stop with the Harry Potter puns but seriously like?!


We ADORE Blonde.  You already know this sheer and utter fact of life.

So we rejoice once again at yet another absolute belter from the boys. Check out new track Higher Ground featuring the beaut vocals of Charli Taft (keep an eye out for this one, trust us)

Fresh from a stellar set as part of Eton Messy Presents at Ibiza Rocks last Friday, the duo are going from strength to strength and rightly so - hitting all the major festivals this year from Glastonbury, Wireless and Creamfields to name a few.

If you’re seeking a soundtrack to summer 2014, seriously - look no future than the Blonde boys.

Get involved over at 

Your summer NEEDS Blonde in it’s life right now…




So word on the street is it’s National Kissing Day today….

'Cuse meh?!

Who wants to get abit of facing read up in the sun?!


It is SOOOOOOOOO good to hear new dreamy music from the gorgeous and sublime Jessie Ware.

New single Tough Love was debuted as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record on Monday night and unsurprisingly, we adore it.

Have a listen here - what a beautiful tune to accompany a beautiful day…




Day 7.

Niceness from the Netherlands - RVP and Michael Vorm

Ben je goed omdat je goed zoekt! 

^That’s us being slippy in Dutch by the way^ LOLZ